Anna Prashana is a ceremony, where child is fed with solid food for the first time in its life. This Samskara is also known as Phalaprashana Samskara. After the eruption of teeth, the child can be given solid food. Literally it is putting solid food or rice into a child’s mouth for the first time. Anna means ‘food’, especially ‘boiled rice’. Prashana means ‘eating, feeding’, and specifically ‘the first feeding of a child’. Food is cooked to the chanting of appropriate Vedic mantras in the presence of friends and relatives.


Item Quantity
Turmeric powder Small Packet
Kumkum Small Packet
Betel leaves 1 Packet
Betel nuts 2
Sandal wood powder Small Packet
Flowers 1 Bouquet
Fruits any variety Few of each  
Coconuts 2
Agarbhathi 1 Packet
Rice 1 pound
Quarters 10
Naivedyam  Any Payasam/ Kheer


For Puja at home, the following in  addition to the above
Deepam ( Lamps) 1
Bell 1
Pancha Patram and Udharani or Unused Cup and spoon 1
Trays for fruits and flowers 3
Kalasam 1
Saffron,Cloves,Cardamom and Paccha Karpooram Small Quantities for Kalasam
Mango Leaves ( If available) 1 bunch