Akshara Abhyasam
Starting Literacy. This is a minor ritual done around the three-year period. The father holds the child’s right hand and, to the chanting of priests who asks God’s blessings, he helps the child trace the alphabet on a plate of rice with a golden ring. The child is thus initiated into study. The first letter traced is usually “Om” which is the symbol for God and true knowledge in India. Prayers are offered to Ganesha, who removes obstacles, to Saraswathi, the Goddess of learning, and to the Kula Devatha, the family deity who protects the entire family.

Akshara Abhyasam

Turmeric powderSmall Packet
KumkumSmall Packet
Betel leaves1 Packet
Betel nuts2
Sandal wood powderSmall Packet
Flowers1 Bouquet
Fruits any varietyFew of each  
Agarbhathi1 Packet
Rice1 pound
Notebook,pencil/ pen/ slate, black/ white chalk piece 1
Tray for Rice  1
Naivedyam Any Payasam/ Kheer


For Puja at home, the following in  addition to the above


Pancha Patram and Udharani or

Unused Cup and spoon

Saffron,Cloves,Cardamom and Paccha KarpooramSmall Quantities for Kalasam
Mango Leaves ( If available)1 bunch
Deepam ( Lamps)1


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