Religion classes are the main focus of SMHM. Language and other classes are offered in addition to the Religion class to make a well-rounded program. Religion classes curriculum has been carefully developed ranging from morals and values, Gods, Hindu customs and practices, the meaning behind them and their significance, Festivals, Ramayana and Mahabharata for the younger children to more advanced topics for the older children like Vedic Culture, Sanatana Dharma, Ramayana and Mahabharata – indepth analysis of events and characters, Hindu Calendar, Hindu Samskaras. Great emphasis is placed on the chanting of the Bhagavad Gita and learning the meaning of the shlokas in all levels. The curriculum is well supplemented with Shlokas, Bhajans, Hindu Saints, Festivals, Related Crafts to make the classroom experience well balanced and fun.


Below are the Language classes that are offered in addition to the Religion class to make a well rounded program.

  • Bengali
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi

Other Classes                                                                        

We also offer the following classes for interested students

  • Geeta Chanting
  • Tabla
  • Dance
  • Bhajan


SAT classes are offered for Grade levels 7 and above.

  • Emphasis on Math & English


YOGA classes are offered for adults on every Wednesday and Sunday.

  • Gentle warm-up exercises
  • Gentle movements of all body joints from head-to-toe
  • Pranayama (Breathing Exercises)
  • Bastrika (Deep breathing), Kapalabhati, alternate nostril breathing, Ujjayi, Bhramari, Lion breathing
  • Facial Yoga
  • Gentle exercises for facial muscles
  • Chair Based Asanas
  • Asanas (Postures) modified to practice using chair
  • Yoga Nidra (Relaxation)
  • Guided practice to get a deep rest for the body and relaxation to the mind
  • Mudras for Healing & Hand gestures for healing
  • Meditation

    YOGA Class Timings – Wednesday & Sunday 8AM – 10AM

For more info about classes please email to [email protected] 

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