Where is the Temple located?
The Temple is right on Hillside with parking at the back of the temple and near all the Indian shopping & restaurants. Nassau County (N22) and NYC buses (Q43) stops right in front of temple.

Can I schedule a wedding or a special private function?

Yes. Please make sure to call for booking at least 2 weeks in advance or as soon as you determine the date in order to avoid any possible conflict. Be sure to advise the time for temple management to make necessary arrangements for dedicated space and ceremonies. Functions with large guest lists above 295 cannot be permitted. You will be responsible to clean the place after the function.

Where can I get information on scheduling a pooja?
Please email at [email protected] The manager will help you schedule the pooja and put you in contact with a priest who can assist you in finding the appropriate date, time and type of pooja as well as pooja materials required. Information on types of poojas and the Temple charges for each can be found on the temple website.

Could Priest come to yajman’s home?
Yes, just need to call temple and schedule time two weeks in advance.

Does the Temple provide Funeral Services?

Temple does not at this time, provide services at “funeral home” but a SHOK SABHA MEMORIAL SERVICES can be arranged at temple or home. Please call to book ahead of time.

Where can I find Audio or text of shlokas recited at the temple?
We are planning to provide downloadable texts in English for most Poojas on the website.

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