Hair Cutting or Mundan

Hair cutting or Mundan
Also called Chowla. Welcomes the baby into the world. The first haircut (called Mundan – between 1 and 3 years).

Note: Pooja Only

Hair cutting or Mundan

TurmericSmall Packet
KumkumSmall Packet
Sandal wood powderSmall Packet
Flowers2 Bouquets
5 Variety of fruitsFew of each
Agarbatthi1 Packet
Betel Leaves6
Betel Nuts4
Scissors       1 pair
Quarters10 coins
PrasadamAny Sweets
Yellow Cloth  1 Piece
For Puja at home, the following in  addition to the above
Deepam ( Lamps)1
Pancha Patram and Udharani or Unused Cup and spoon1


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