Punyaha Vachanam

Punyaha Vachanam
Cleanliness is considered as an important characteristic of religious life. Cleanliness is both external and internal. Seeing God (Darsanam), singing His praise, sprinkling the Holy Water (Prokshana) after worship (Punyaha Vachanam) and drinking the holy water are all said to clean the devotee both externally and internally.
Punyaha Vachanam

Turmeric powder1 Packet
Kumkum1 Packet
Sandalwood powder/tablets/paste1 Packet
Agarbatthi1 Packet
Camphor1 Packet
Betel leaves15
Betel Nuts1 small Packet
Flowers2 Bouquets
5 Variety of fruits(2 or 5) Each
Quarters20 Coins
Naivedyam (Prasadam)Any Sweet
Deepam (Lamps)1
Saffron, Cloves, Pachha karpooramSmall quantities for Kalasam
Mango leaves1 packet
 Trays for fruits and flowers3
Rice1 Pound


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