Temple Etiquette

  • The Temple is a place for worship and ritual. Should you want to chat with your friends, kindly go outside. Please be sensitive to those around you wishing to pray quietly.
  • Please keep your children from running around and playing inside the building. It is understandable that children cannot sit quietly for a long period of time. When they get restless, parents should take turns to take them outside. This way at least one parent can benefit from the ritual while the other is supervising the children.
  • Inside the Temple, cell phones/beepers must be on vibratory mode. If you receive a call, please go outside the temple.
  • Shoe racks are provided, please use them. Do not place shoes near doors or on the floor.
  • Please keep the premises clean. If you see trash anywhere, please pick it up – even if it is not yours.
  • Mahaprasad Preparation: While preparing Mahaprasad please prepare satvik food (vegetarian without onions, garlic and a lot of spices).
  • Chanting of Vedic Mantras and Slokas is the backbone of all poojas at the Temple. You are welcome to participate in the chanting. We provide copies of popular slokas in English and other Indian languages. Please check with the Temple Coordinator or the priests if you need a copy of the slokas before the beginning of the pooja. Please make every effort to chant in unison with others.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. Please send your suggestions or feedback via email to [email protected]

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